Friday, April 23, 2010

Upcoming: Market Gallery Pub

The Market Gallery Pub is an all-senses, one-night, pub that will serve homebrewed beers to the public. Homebrewers all over Scotland have been invited to create beers for this event, where they will be presented as expanded artworks. This event will be part of the programming of the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art and will serve to bring attention to beer as a site for social and creative artmaking. The Market Gallery Pub is the culmination event for the Pub School, a weekly educational-event series where visitors were asked to consider the aesthetics of beer and brewing and the blurring art and beer.

One beer will be selected to be reproduced for a short 600 bottle production on the system at Williams Bros. Brewing. The selected beer will be sold via mail order and in specialty shops. This beer will also receive free entry into the International Beer Challenge.

When: April 30th, 2010 - 6-10pm
Where: @The Market Gallery (334 Duke St. Glasgow)
Cost: Free (visitors will receive a limited number of drinking tickets)


There will be 30 different beers available throughout the night. 27 will be homebrews, and 3 will be from local breweries. Beer Pours will be approximately 240ml per cup, depending on the beer. Keep in mind the event is not just a sampling-event, it is also a pub. 10-15 beers will be available at any given point, and the other beers will rotate on and off regularly throughout the night.


A list of participating homebrewers:
Andrew Billcliffe
Balls to the Wall Brewing
Bennachie Brewery
Buccleuch Brewing
Geoff Traill
Jacob Griffin
Little Lectures Brewing
Mark Brannan
Owen Sheerins
Pub School Beers
Rhys Thomas
Robbie Pickering
Steve McQueen Brewery

Participating Breweries:
Harviestoun Brewery
Williams Bros. Brewing Co.

The Market Gallery Pub will be available for installation viewing May 1-15th. Please see the Market Gallery Webpage for visiting hours.

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