Monday, April 12, 2010

Homebrewing Demonstration Photos

Last Wednesday Geof and Owen, who had previously only known each other through the Jim's Beer Kit Forum, pulled off what may be Glasgow's first homebrewing demonstration. The event was also the first of the Pub School event series. There were a couple hiccups, that could easily be fixed for next time, but in the end we had about 10 gallons of beer. We made up an English bitter, and threw in some Willamette hops. That was exciting for me as I currently live in the Willamette Valley and live 20 blocks from the river with the same name. The hops and the malt were donated by Robert Neale, who can offer you great prices if you inquire via email.

The night started with everyone sitting, listening to Geof and Owen explain what was happening, and ended, as all homebrewing does, with beer drinking and socializing. Sometime during the mashing process everyone decided they would get up and stand around the mashing vessel and boil kettle. Everyone had their chance to stir, add ingredients, or have some part in making the beer. The gallery was filled with the wonderful smell of grains and hops, which was probably quite pleasant to the gallery committee members who came in for work the following morning.

The Pub School continues this week with Selected Readings About Beer. Please come by the gallery Wednesday at 7pm. Check the schedule for the remaining events as well.

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