Friday, April 2, 2010

Pub School - Meet the Brewer: Scott Williams


What: Meet Scott Williams of Williams Bros. Brewing
When: April 21st, 7-8:30pm
Where: The Market Gallery (334 Duke St. Glasgow)
Cost: Free

On April 21st join us for an informal visiting artist presentation by Scott Williams of Williams Bros. Brewing. Scott, one of the two founders, will be available this night to meet the public and share a little about the aesthetics and decisions that go into the creation of their craft beers. Williams Bros. Brewing is based in Alloa, Scotland, and is world renowned for their historic ales, which are recreations of traditional Scottish beers using local ingredients outlawed by the English in 1707. Williams Bros. also has a line of contemporary beers which include an IPA, Porter, Golden Ale, and many others. If you have ever wanted to meet Scott, if you have questions for him, or if you want to taste a couple Williams Bros. beers, feel free to come by.

Pub School
The Pub School is a weekly educational event-series that explores the aesthetics of beer and brewing in Glasgow. Beer making is an art form that influences our daily routines more than one might initially realize. Drinking beer, as pointed out by conceptual artist Tom Marioni is a social lubricant and I would add that it is also a social glue. The act of drinking a good beer, although a small action, is inherently a form of activism; it is a social act with political side-effects as it helps build community, place, and interest in local business. For the Pub School, the public is invited to consider the blurring of art and beer by taking part in homebrewing demos, beer sampling sessions, lectures, presentations, pub-crawls, and more.

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