Friday, April 2, 2010

Pub School - WEST Brewery Tour


What: Brewery Tour of West Brewery
Where: WEST Brewery (Templeton Building, Glasgow Green)
When: April 28th, 7:00pm*
Cost: Free
*A group of us will walk to WEST Brewery from Market Gallery (334 Duke St.). If you would like to be a part of our walking-group, please join us at 6:15pm for a 6:30pm departure. Expect a twenty minute walk.

As an artist interested in how beer can be utilized in the psycho-geographic mapping and exploration of a city, I often look at a brewery's facilities to see how they labor over their product, and how the brewery can often be a rich site for social creativity. On a walk in Glasgow I came across WEST Brewery, which has a fascinating story that I would like others to hear/see. WEST Brewery is the only UK brewery that brews all their beers according to the Reinheitsgebot German Beer Law, and they keg their beer, which alienates them from some Real Ale groups. They also have a beautiful facility and great equipment that allows them to mill their grain incredibly finely and create 100% wheat beers. The tour will be led by WEST's Colin Johnston, and you will have the chance to meet the brewers. Bring a little cash if you would like to stay for a pint and/or dinner.

Information about WEST from their website:
WEST was founded on a vision to brew the best beer in the UK. After several years of careful planning, we opened our doors on the 10th of March 2006, having built one of the UK’s most advanced small breweries amidst the Victorian grandeur of the famous Templeton Carpet Factory.

Our work was part-restoration and part-innovation, combining tradition and modern design in creating a truly unique space both for our staff and for our visitors. We also combine tradition and innovation every time we brew, by fusing the tradition and techniques of the great German breweries with the cutting-edge technologies we employ, alongside some Scottish ingenuity.

Pub School
The Pub School is a weekly educational event-series that explores the aesthetics of beer and brewing in Glasgow. Beer making is an art form that influences our daily routines more than one might initially realize. Drinking beer, as pointed out by conceptual artist Tom Marioni is a social lubricant and I would add that it is also a social glue. The act of drinking a good beer, although a small action, is inherently a form of activism; it is a social act with political side-effects as it helps build community, place, and interest in local business. For the Pub School, the public is invited to consider the blurring of art and beer by taking part in homebrewing demos, beer sampling sessions, lectures, presentations, pub-crawls, and more.

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