Monday, March 8, 2010

Pub School - All Grain Brewing Demonstration


What: All-Grain Brewind Demonstration
When: April 7th, at 5:00pm - about 9:00pm
Where: The Market Gallery (334 Duke St. Glasgow)
Other: Please bring dinner for yourself and one (or more!) of your favorite brews
Cost: Free

Have you ever wanted to brew your own all-grain beer? Want to make the switch from extract brewing to all-grain? This workshop will be led by local homebrewer, Geoff Traill, and he will show you the ins-and-outs of brewing at home. Another local beer maker, Owen Sheerins, will be assisting Geoff. Together they'll be making up an English Bitter Ale, which will in turn be available at the Market Gallery Pub on April 30th. This is the first of four weekly Pub School events at the Market Gallery in Glasgow.

Geoff is a homebrewer and final-year economics student at the University of Glasgow. He brews 10 gallon all-grain batches of beer on a home made, single tier brewery built from stainless stock pots. Geoff's favourite beer styles to brew and drink are well-hopped British and American ales, as well as German lagers. He learned it all thanks to the fine folks at Jim's Beer Kit Forum. He writes this great homebrewing blog over at Hop Topic.

The malt and hops for this demo have been generously donated by Rob from Self Store Depot. , You can get in touch with him here about his brewing ingredients.

Pub School
The Pub School is a weekly educational event-series that explores the aesthetics of beer and brewing in Glasgow. Beer making is an art form that influences our daily routines more than one might initially realize. Drinking beer, as pointed out by conceptual artist Tom Marioni is a social lubricant and I would add that it is also a social glue. The act of drinking a good beer, although a small action, is inherently a form of activism; it is a social act with political side-effects as it helps build community, place, and interest in local business. For the Pub School, the public is invited to consider the blurring of art and beer by taking part in homebrewing demos, beer sampling sessions, lectures, presentations, pub-crawls, and more.

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