Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pub School: Selected Readings About Beer


What: Selected Readings About Beer
When: April 14th, 7:00pm
Where: The Market Gallery (334 Duke St. Glasgow)
Cost: Free
Other: Please bring yourself a favorite beer.

What would a school be without textbooks? Or at least some good readings? For this session of Pub School we will hear selected readings from the critics and beer writers in a number of different books. Selections are from the collections of Robbie Pickering, Eric Steen and others. Readings may include parts of Fermenting Revolution: How to Drink Beer and Save the World, an essay or two from Beer and Philosophy, or an excerpt from Martyn Cornell's new book about the development of British beer styles. If you would like to bring in a book and read a few pages, please feel free to do so. Also bring a beer or two for your enjoyment. Expect the readings to last an hour and a half.

Pub School
The Pub School is a weekly educational event-series that explores the aesthetics of beer and brewing in Glasgow. Beer making is an art form that influences our daily routines more than one might initially realize. Drinking beer, as pointed out by conceptual artist Tom Marioni is a social lubricant and I would add that it is also a social glue. The act of drinking a good beer, although a small action, is inherently a form of activism; it is a social act with political side-effects as it helps build community, place, and interest in local business. For the Pub School, the public is invited to consider the blurring of art and beer by taking part in homebrewing demos, beer sampling sessions, lectures, presentations, pub-crawls, and more.

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