Monday, January 25, 2010

Scottish Pub Sing

Is this what all the pubs are like in Scotland? I'm just kidding.

Last night I attended the Scottish Pub Sing, led by the Portland Revels, at one of my favorite breweries, Lucky Lab in Portland, Oregon. It was beautiful hearing everyone sing while we all drank together. We sang love songs, sad songs, and outrageously fun songs about sharing homebrews, making you feel at home, and drinking the city dry. Having a group of people sing together like this reminded me very much of church and just further solidified in my mind that the pub is really a wonderful social center, and good beer is an important element in bringing people together.

The brewery had a whole load of new specials so I had to try out a few. I ordered the sample tray and had two different Alts, a Scottish Ale, Barleywine, an Amber, an IPA, and a Cascadian Dark Ale (Black IPA). It was a great night.

Here's the chorus of one I don't remember hearing, but I imagine would have been a good one:

There was Brown, up-side-down,
Moppin' up the whiskey on the floor.
"Booze, booze," the firemen cried,
As they came knockin' at the door.
Don't let 'em in 'till it's all mopped up
Somebody shouted, "Macintyre!"
(Everyone shout) MACINTYRE!
And we all got blue blind, paralytic drunk
When the Old Dun Cow caught fire.

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