Saturday, January 9, 2010

Art & Beer Documentation at Apexart

This week I installed some work at Apexart in NYC for the exhibition Incidental Person, which uses The Artist Placement Group as a point of departure for a series of events and visual displays. It will be on view until Feb. 20, 2010. At Apexart I wanted to present documentation from what I thought was a successful project - Art & Beer (At the Museum). When asked to be a part of the Incidental Person exhibition, I knew that I wanted to prepare documentation from this project. I gave three Portland breweries a tour of the Portland Art Museum, had them choose an artwork and then brew beer based off that artwork. I then worked with the museum to ensure that this beer could be given for free to museum guests. I wanted the display to be relevant for this second audience, in this second site, without just hanging a bunch of relics on the wall.

I thought I would show you this image because as an artist my work explores 1) how people's ideals influence the way they create the world they want to live in and 2) beer as an agent for social change. I will be in Glasgow, Scotland from March 24 - May 5 fulfilling my research and production goals. In Glasgow the work I plan to make will be activity-based with less emphasis on gallery display. There will be a gallery component at some point, but even then the focus will be on the activity.

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